Why use Falco and Associates?

Searching for any insurance can be daunting. Trying to figure out what coverage is best suited for your unique needs can be confusing and frustrating. We are all inundated with ads coming at us from everywhere with big National Insurance carriers with bottomless advertising budgets. They try to convince us if we want the best rates with special discounts, we only need to place our insurance with them, and if not we won’t have the right stuff. The general public randomly chooses an insurance company based on advertising propaganda. Most people do not realize that insurance doesn’t have to be a guessing game.

So, what is a busy person supposed to do? Instead of scouring websites and chasing commercial advertisements, as an Independent Insurance Agency, Falco and Associates can take this arduous task from you. We have the ability to quote your insurance through a multitude of top rated National and Regional Carriers at once to find the best price on policies that are tailored to your individual coverage needs. Because we are not obligated to just one company, we could offer a wide range of choices. Insurance companies writing methods differ greatly amongst each other based on claims history, insurance scoring, territory and appetite. We have the experience and insurance marketplace to best serve you in these areas.

We are a family owned Independent Insurance Agency that will stay with you through the entire process from start to finish including help with policy changes, billing and claims assistance. We do not use third party call centers. When you call us, you will be greeted with a familiar voice ready to assist you with expert service.

We actively reach out to our clients encouraging them to review current coverages with us as their lives evolve. We help make sure that your rates stay competitive year after year and will search if there is a better rate available that will not alter or impact preferred coverage.

Our desire is to partner with you to assist you with all your insurance needs. It is our privilege to help individuals, families and businesses with the valuable asset of owning insurance policies that do exactly what they were meant to do, providing Protection, Security and Peace of Mind.

Experience the difference for yourself today by starting with free quote at www.falcoandassociates.com