As a restaurant owner, you have a busy schedule. Between fine-tuning your menu, keeping track of supplies and pleasing every customer that walks in your door, you don’t have time to worry about insurance. That’s where Falco and Associates comes into the picture. Consider some of the types of insurance important to restaurateurs and we can build a policy that will protect you from any issue you may encounter.

  • General Liability Insurance – Restaurants have dozens of people in and out of the doors every single day. Protect yourself from slip and falls and other forms of bodily or property injury that could occur as a part of doing business.
  • Commercial Property – You know how much it costs to open and operate a restaurant. You want to protect your investment with a high-quality commercial property policy. This means if an accident or disaster occurs, you won’t have to worry about the cost of getting things operational again.
  • Worker’s Compensation – An on-the-job injury can not only be devastating to the employee, but it can be rough on your budget too. Protect yourself with a worker’s compensation policy and you can be certain your employee is fairly compensated if something happens while he or she is working at your restaurant.
  • Other Coverage – There are other options for insurance too, these are only the beginning. Let us help you build an insurance policy that will cover your building, property and bank accounts. Combining different types of coverage is the key to getting the protection you need and achieving peace of mind in your day-to-day operations.

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