Doctors, lawyers, accountants and other professionals operate offices that serve clients. While each industry may have some unique needs, one thing that is constant is that each of these professionals requires a high-quality insurance policy that covers the office in case of an accident, mistake or even a natural disaster. Check out some of the types of insurance we recommend for your office:

  • General Liability Insurance – General liability insurance is a must for nearly any type of business. This type of coverage will protect you if someone is injured or if property is damaged at your office or on other property you own or operate.
  • Professional Liability – Also known as errors and omissions (E&O) insurance, this type of insurance covers the financial implications that may spring up from improperly rendered service or service you fail to provide. This is highly recommended for professionals like doctors, lawyers and those in the financial industry.
  • Commercial Property Insurance – All of the equipment, technology and supplies you use for your business have a big price tag attached to them. In addition, your building is one of your biggest investments. Protect these things that you require to do business from damage or destruction with a commercial property insurance policy.
  • Other Coverage – Since your insurance needs may be different than the needs of the doctor in the office down the hall or the accountant in the neighboring building, contact us and discover how we can build a custom policy including any type of coverage you deem necessary.

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